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How to Escape Fear, Defend an Attack and Turn Your Mind Into a Powerful Weapon


Learning to master oneself and achieve greatness has often been the domain of martial artists.

These great warriors develop skills in maximizing their potential and managing their fears. This week on the The School of Greatness we have a modern day warrior on to teach the mindset improvements one learns when studying self defense.

He has been featured on the covers of martial art magazines all over the world and he owns and operates a number of different business which teach people about bio-tactics, mindset and self defense.  Please welcome the modern day warrior, Tony Blauer.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Tony Blauer on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“In a real fight, it’s not who’s right, it’s who’s left” -Tony Blauer

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • “Be nice to everyone but have a plan to kill them.” -The Marines
  • Why his martial arts program transcends traditional boarders
  • How to develop the understanding that your “Mind Navigates the Body
  • About S.P.E.A.R.

Spontaneous Protection Enabling an Accelerated Response

  • Why the emotional element is everything
  • Toolboxes for success that make up the interconnected tactical trinity

Emotional | Psychological | Physical

  • How to identify and manage PTSD | PreTraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Tools for Recognizing and Escaping the F.E.A.R. Loop
  • The Value of Building Necessary Unconscious Concern
  • Why Tony Blauer deals with fear differently than you
  • To understand your flinch reaction
  • Plus much more…

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  1. For Law Enforcement/Military check out the Bio-Tactical Website
  2. To Augment your  Fitness Education go to CrossFit Specialty Courses
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What did you take away?

What  information did you take away from the podcast that you will implement in your life or business?  Please share the number 1 point in the comments section below.

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Another great interview, @LewisHowes.  This interview reinforces the fact that no one is without fear.  

Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. Rather, it’s the mastery of fear.

Without fear, we can’t have courage. We cannot act courageous in any situation unless we have something to protect, something to honor, something to prove, or something to commit to. Fear is a call to action and that action should be courageous.



I don't know, I have never got over this.I am constantly feeling insecure, so my eyes were always peaking at others. It bothers me because I can't focus.
 Maybe the best way for me to conquer that is a fight, a confrontation against the powerful.


Biggest take away for me was the idea of a PreTraumatic Stress Disorder. I'm going to be working with people who may potentially be suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder so this is something that I will be keeping in mind with them and it's something that I wouldn't have thought of before. 


"The Mind Navigates the Body" is just such a powerful thing to internalize. This is a lesson that needs to be revisited all the time because it is easy to forget, yet helps in every interaction we deal with.

Sean Prentice
Sean Prentice

The biggest thing I took away from this episode is that "80% of our motivation is derived from our expectation."  As I look back on why I procrastinate with certain projects, this quote makes it pretty clear that I don't have the "expectation" of success.  I guess the real question at this point is how do I re wire my brain to "expect" to succeed.  As always, awesome episode Lewis!  As an athlete, this episode really resonated with me.


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