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lewis howes and bill rassmussenThe first Sports Networker event took place last week in NYC and seeing that it was nearly 100 people over capacity at the venue, I would say it was a fairly big success. 

I am still receiving thoughtful emails from attendees who said it was packed full of quality sports professionals and they all received a ton of value from connecting in person.

We had Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN who is featured on the picture to the right, in attendance promoting his latest project CollegeFanz, along with the really fun team from, Sports Lawyers, sports social networking platforms, professionals athletes, NBA,MLB, NHL, NFL league and team employees, AFL, agencies, marketing firms, CBS, Madison Square Garden, minor league teams, and  a number of other quality professionals (I am leaving out a large group as over 350 in total attended throughout the night).


sports network A number of attendees (almost all of your from what I remember) said you wanted more of these events to occur seeing that this event was extremely beneficial.  The one obvious downside was that the venue was not big enough and it was a little loud at times — sorry guys.  I will be planning another one of these in NYC over the next two months, along with potentially rolling these out to other cities like L.A., Chicago, and any others where we can get around 300+ to attend. 

Feel free to tell me which city you would like me to bring these event to, and any type of format you would like them to be. 

I also plan on doing other mini conference/ sports business type events where there is general networking (and even other types of speed networking) along with possible speakers/panel discussions on latest trends in the industry… a hot one being social media right now.


Check out this quick video to see what the atmosphere was like during the event (sorry my hand was getting bumped left and right while recording this video)

I also snapped a bunch of pictures with some of my “online” friends who have been a part of for a while now and I managed to take a few amateur (I mean REALLY amateur) pictures of various sports networker attendees.  Feel free to check out the slide show below to see if your recognize any of the faces in the industry.

In the end I was pleased with the event and look forward to doing more of these to help bring quality sports professionals together to connect on a more intimate level and ultimately come closer to achieving their career goals. 

If you attended the event please leave a comment below and share your thoughts, tell others what you liked, what you disliked, who you met, the benefits you received from it, and if you think others should attend in the future.

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