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Tai Lopez

How Being a Millionaire Affects Your Overall Happiness

I've got a fascinating interview for you today on The School of Greatness.

Whether or not you’ve heard of him, this guest is a unique brand of greatness.

Tai Lopez was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks but he made choices early on in his adult life to move to the other side.

Today he lives in a massive Beverly Hills mansion, shares his tips for creating wealth and fulfillment on his super popular social media channels, and rubs shoulders with the most successful people in the world.

"The thief will always be suspicious."  

So how did this all happen?

I’d wanted to interview Tai for a while because I had a hunch that the persona he shows on his social media may not be the whole story.

So I went deep on this interview to see behind the mask (if there was one).

Tai did a good job of dodging some of my questions, but either way, I think you’ll find his insight interesting.

I definitely want to hear what you think after listening to Episode 370 with Tai Lopez.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How would you describe yourself? (1:25)
  • What drives you right now to do what you’re doing? (15:48)
  • Has your money and lifestyle made intimate relationships easier or harder on you? (21:48)
  • What are the best and hardest parts of your lifestyle? (32:02)
  • How did you make your first million dollars? (41:11)
  • Do you have a certain number amount you’re trying to earn? (46:29)
  • What do you think of Warren Buffet, who lives in the same house he bought decades ago? (50:20)
  • What’s something that people who don’t have money wrongly assume about wealth? (51:40)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Tai won’t say old he is (5:47)
  • What it is about age and gender that tend to hold people back (11:42)
  • Why we trust someone we like more than someone we don’t like – and why this can be bad (13:02)
  • Tai’s Theory of Motivation (16:27)
  • What Tai said when I called him out on avoiding my questions (28:36)
  • Why reading is the easiest way to get wealthy (37:03)
  • The reason Tai chooses not to care about big milestones of his life (41:20)
  • The rule of 10 for entrepreneurs starting out (46:50)
  • What Tai wants his epitaph to say (1:04:19
  • Plus much more…

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