The Big Signs You’re In Toxic Relationships & How To Set Boundaries w/ Nedra Tawwab Glover EP 1400

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Lewis Howes

Relationships in Quarantine: Finding Love, and Thriving

Don't walk alone.

I want to start this episode with a Turkish proverb: “No road is long with good company.”

In this life, we are all going to experience struggles that make our road a long one. When we’re experiencing hardship, it’s even more important to surround ourselves with people we care about and who care about us.

If we choose to live life alone, unwilling to take risks and be vulnerable with people, then the road will be tedious and long. But, if we form healthy relationships with people that challenge us, encourage us, and love us, then that road becomes enjoyable.

COVID-19 has created a long road for all of us. It’s driven many people into isolation, which leads to loneliness and depression. It’s created stress and anxiety about global health, closed businesses, and wrecked vacation plans. During times like these, we must prioritize relationships because, without them, the road is long and lonely.

“We have a stronger connection more than ever because of the challenges we faced.” @lewishowes  

It was a long road for me to find the right partner. I’ve had my fair share of toxic relationships and heartbreak. But then I found Yanet. We decided to move in together, and we’ve learned so much from this experience. There have been so many high points, but also challenges that we’ve walked through, especially during COVID-19. We’ve gone stronger together in the process.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, she went back home, and I was alone for the first time in months. During this time, I reflected on what I’ve learned from being in a relationship during quarantine and what I’ve learned both being with her and without her.

In this 5-Minute Friday, I want to get real and share what I’ve learned about my relationship and how you, too, can have a thriving relationship during COVID-19. I know it seems like an odd time to find love or thrive in a relationship, but it is possible.

Join me on Episode 987 to learn how to thrive in your relationships and find love during COVID-19!

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