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Success Is Never On Discount

Bringing you something special for this 5-Minute Friday!

Remember that awesome interview I did with Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas a few months back?

Hard to forget right?

Eric is one of the most committed guys I’ve ever met when it comes to hard work, hustle, and dedication.

I LOVE what he is up to.

So after our interview when Eric offered to give a little inspirational speech to my audience, I said yes.

In case you didn’t get to see that bonus video, I wanted to feature it for 5-Minute Friday because it’s that good.

Listen up to the Hip Hop Preacher and make this Friday matter on Episode 209!

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Eric Thomas on The School of Greatness

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Did you enjoy the podcast?

ET is the best! I loved the reminder of the awesome interview we did together. What are YOU going to do today to create success in your life?


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Eric Thomas on The School of Greatness
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