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He decided to make a full time living putting himself through pain.

That’s what my next guest on the School of Greatness did after he amassed a number of mess ups in his life.

He then harnessed all of his energy from making “interesting” life decisions, to becoming the best he could be in the obstacle course world, especially the Spartan Race.

He’s a sponsored athlete with Reebok who is featured on the cover of top fitness magazines and has an amazing story of how one person can turn their life around in the pursuit of greatness.

Welcome to the 90th episode where we learn how to transition from “bro hood” to manhood with Hunter McIntyre.

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The School of Greatness Podcast

Hunter McIntyre on the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

“My brain was so saturated with drugs and dumb ideas from us being in that bro mansion that I just didn’t have the focus.” – Hunter McIntyre (Click to Tweet)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why people like to be tortured in today’s world
  • The challenges of being a young model in Barcelona
  • The hilarious story of how Hunter got involved with his first Spartan Race
  • The moment that clicked and Hunter shifted from bro to the man
  • Learn more about the mud runner circuits:
  1. Spartan Race
  2. Tough Mudder
  3. Warrior Dash
  4. Savage Race
  5. Superhero Scramble
  • About the soul searching Hunter is experiencing now
  • Why the 35+ guys are dominating in mud races
  • Where Reebok is with their sponsored athletes
  • Plus much more…

“Nobody cared if you were the best mud-runner guy.” – Hunter McIntyre (Click to Tweet)

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