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SXSWSports Networker needs your vote!  We submitted to conduct a panel at SxSW next year to talk about how social media is changing the sports world.  We all know the sports industry is behind the times on using new media, however, it seems as though teams and companies are starting to see the value. In this panel I will address with some of the leading sports social media experts how pro athletes, teams, and fans can use social media for better interaction, and how the business of sport will change forever.  Some of the questions we will be answering will be:

1. How can teams/pro athletes better connect with fans online?

2.  How can teams find their audience and increase sponsorship dollars?

3.  What privacy issues do teams and players face by exposing their thoughts online?

4.  What are the newest online technologies that can track ROI for teams?

5.  How can sports agencies and management/marketing firms best utilize online tools to build their business?

6.  Should pro athletes be completely transparent and blog about the team?

7.  Should pro athletes be using twitter and facebook to promote their brand?

8.  What can entire leagues do to better embrace new media?

9.  Should all athletes use twitter, or is it hurting more than helping?

10. How can you use new media to get a job in the sports industry?

How can you help?  Well, over 2,000 panel topics have been submitted and there is a voting process to see which ones get picked.  We need you to go here, register, click the “thumbs up” button and leave a comment below the post.  Both your vote and  comments will be important as they play into the decision of them choosing the panel.

As a site, we have continued to be your leader in covering a variety of topics in the sports industry, and one of our main topics is social media in the sports industry.  Thanks for supporting this and we look forward to your votes!

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