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LinkedIn and Twitter linkedin and twitterfinally join forces and connect via their “status updates”.  I have a number of questions on Twitter if I like it, and how others should be utilizing it.  In short, I think it’s great they did this, however, I don’t think the average LinkedIn user is ready to be bombarded by 50 tweets a day from the same person on their LinkedIn home page.

LinkedIn users are different than Twitter users, and they use LinkedIn for a completely different reason.  I still think it is great the two sites have joined forces in a sense, but I think the LinkedIn users will need a little time to get used to things until they fully adapt.  Check out how I think you should be using the new LinkedIn and Twitter status update feature in my brief video below.

What are your thoughts?  Should people be updating all of their random Tweets to their LinkedIn connections?  Or should they separate the two?

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