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Racism, White Privilege, and Healing America with Reverend Michael Beckwith


michael jordanWhat did you used to be passionate about?

For me, it was basketball.

I used to be decent at dunking a basketball as well (even for a lanky white boy).  However, It’s been a few years since I have dunked a basketball, or even stepped on a court.

I wanted to see if I still “had it” so I went back to my high school gym to bring back the inspiring memories, and rev up the MJ hops in me to see if I could still do what I loved in the past.  Find out if I can still dunk in this brief video below.

This is my friend Jason King (below), who inspired me to see if I could still dunk.  His videos are extremely funny, but also inspiring if you think about what he is trying to accomplish with what he has to work with (no offense Jason 😉  Check out his video below, and watch some others on his site.  Thanks for the good times my friend.

Was there something you were passionate about when you were growing up that you seemed to forget about?  If so, feel free to write it in the comments section below, and let me know what you plan to do to bring that passion back… if anything at all.

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