Webinar Marketing Tips: Case Study


If you are looking to find another way to connect with your audience, build your list, and create more sales for your business then I hope you are considering using webinars.  Why?  Because they work.  Just watch this case study video I did with Steve Klyoda above and you will understand what I mean.

Steve is known for being The Prospecting Expert and has done over 250,000 sales calls in his life (that’s a lot of calls).

He has a unique skill set, years of experience and has created a great product for sales professionals.  However, no one wants to do one-on-one phone calls forever to sell a product (no matter how profitable it may be).

That’s the beauty of webinar marketing.  You can focus your energy to give the same presentation in one sitting to hundreds or thousands of individuals in your market.  Pretty cool huh?

After the recent launch of Magnetic Webinars with Sean Malarkey and Chris Garrett, we challenged those who went through our course to host their first webinar using our system to see what type of results they would receive.  We guaranteed they would make at a minimum their investment back from the course withing their first webinar, so we were eager to see what some could produce.

I wasn’t amazed at the results Steve had because I knew the system worked, but I was extremely happy for Steve because he simply went through our system step by step and received more results than he was expecting.  You gotta love that!

Watch the video above I did with Steve as he will share with you exactly what he did to market his webinar, how he presented it, how many sales he received, and let you know how much success he had in hosting his first webinar after going through the Magnetic Webinar system.

Have you conducted your own webinar before?  If so, what were the results you had, and one tip you would give to others thinking about hosting a webinar?

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