How to Become a YouTube Singing Celebrity with J Rice


Josh Rice is taking over the YouTube world.

Known as “J Rice” to YouTubers, I tried to call him a tripple threat, but he is even better than that (watch the interview below to see what I mean)

With more than 115,000 YouTube subscribers and over 20 million total views he is quickly rising as one of the top musical talents in the “underground” YouTube singers world.

What are the main things Josh has done to become a YouTube sensation?

It’s a simple formula in my opinion

  1. He builds quality relationships with other YouTube singers – and over delivers by providing them with tracks and music for them to use
  2. Has a sweet talent – you gotta be good to attract viewers, or have some sort of expertise which Josh clearly has
  3. Takes action– those that take action see results
  4. Stays consistent – There are a number of talented singers out there, but 99% of them aren’t consistent enough to get noticed and see success.

Josh is a serious mutant.  Before you watch the interview below, listen to his voice on this Rihanna/Eminem remix (watch out, it’s super additive to play on repeat 🙂

That’s right, Josh played the music himself (it wasn’t some recording online), he produced the video, sings (obviously), and wrote part of the lyrics during the “rap” as well.

Like I said.  He’s a Mutant

Make sure to watch this interview below to learn more about how Josh has built his YouTube empire and the things any business owner can take away to grow their following and business with YouTube as well. (for some reason both of our Skype video was acting up at times during this interview just in case you wondering why it’s not as sharp as usual)


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If you enjoyed this post then make sure to check out the interview I did with YouTube celebrity Nick Pitera.  Josh and Nick are friends and have done some joint videos together as well.  What do you think of Josh and his talents and what he has been able to create for himself on YouTube?  Leave your comments below and make sure to subscribe to his channel here and also let him know your thoughts on Twitter Here

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Great interview Lewis and thanks for sharing your insights Josh. These are very helpful thoughts as I'm experimenting with YouTube myself. See how far I can go. And all the best with your future videos Josh. 

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