The Power of Video Sales Letters


I’m in love with Video Sales Letters.


They do a few great things better than “normal” sales letters… like

  1. Get your message across better than text or audio.
  2. Educate your target audience more visually.
  3. Build trust and a connection with potential customers
  4. Convert better than “normal” sales letters.

There are a number of reasons why they are great, but these are a few.

I’ve created two video sales letters so far and have been blown away with the results.

There are obvious results in terms of increasing my own sales, but also by being able to educate my audience better through video as well.

If you’ve ever thought about how powerful video sales letters are, how much more of an increase you can expect to see over long copy sales letters, and why every major company is using some type of video sales letter to promote a product, then make sure to watch this in depth video interview I did with James Wedmore.

James is one of the best in the biz when it comes to video sales letters so make sure to watch and let me know your feedback in the comments section below.


If you enjoyed this video interview, then make sure to watch my other interview with James here:


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Could this work for a floor covering retail store?


Hey Lewis, thanks for sharing this awesome stuff. Creating video sales letters is going to be my next BIG thing. I'm so glad you reminded me that that 's where I'm heading.

You're one of the most talented and helpful guys on marketing scene. Thanks for all your inspiration and help.

- Mary


@getaclue777 Do videos convert higher with "live" or "screen capture" (I.e. Powerpoint, camtasia)? Which is better?


Really good video @LewisHowes . I was just thinking which process I should use with written sales copy vs. video sales copy and video just brings the product to life before they even purchase it so it's a lot better to use. I really like the way he put video sales copy into perspective and just really adding more value to your customers. Thanks for sharing this.

Now, I see why you used video for your great product LinkedIn Influence.


Yeah.. I really need to start doing video.. Thanks Lewis and James!


Really interesting video; especially the influence of NLP (when used effectively) on the consumer when presented with a decision making situation. I agree that the death of the long sales page, scrolling for minutes on end, is nigh. But producing quality and effective sales video requires a set of skills that need to be either bought in or learned.

I've since been to James' site and it will take you even further into an understanding of the role of the video sales page and how it will further maximise your online sales.

Great stuff all round, thanks for posting Lewis!

Jim Fortin
Jim Fortin

GOOD VIDEO. I use video sales letters. IMO the reason vid sales letters convert higher is because people can unconsciously read the body language to decide whether people are telling the truth or not. Paper is flat no matter how great the copy it. Vids are "alive," especially if they have a person talking to the audience. He's right, vids are AVK so it can be "read" instantly! The unconscious mind reads 1 million bits of info a second. The conscious mind reads 7 bits of info a second. In a video sales letter people are unconsciously picking up 100s of 1000s of non verbal cues, etc. Again, good video, thanks for posting!


 @dakers1 Yes it may but I think a better investment would be for you to have your own Google Places Page,..they are Lead Producing Magnets and have increased profits by double digits for every business I have done one for....they are one of a kind unique and powerful. Interested? Call me at 1-774-521-8936 or email me at





LewisHowes moderator

@davecarolan Thanks. I'll be sure to post some more video stuff soon for you... glad you enjoyed the video :)


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