How To Increase Sales With Laughter


The other day I was eating lunch with my business partner Sean Malarkey, as we often do after a successful afternoon webinar.

We were talking about the LeBron James “decision” that was about to happen later that night and our waiter was having a friendly debate on where he thought LeBron would go.

Finally we get to the moment where we were given our bill and I picked up the check, as Sean often conveniently “forgets” his wallet every time we seem to eat out (go figure).

Right after he handed me the bill once he had swiped my card he asked us a quick one liner joke.  The joke made both Sean and I laugh and I just happened to have a smile on my face right when I was writing down the tip on the bill.

Make Your Customers Laugh

I thought this was a simple little way to engage his customers by being friendly throughout the entire meal (which most waiters are in the U.S.) but going the extra mile to make us laugh without trying to hard made it even easier for me to like and trust him more.

We end up doing more for those we know, like, and trust as these are basic networking principles.  That being said, if you are looking for a way to generate more sales then have you thought about adding humor in your sales process?

If you have, please share how you do so in the comments below.

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