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Are you tired of creating passionate blog content without turning a profit yet?

I know I was a few months after I started out with my Sports Networker blog, but later figured out that making money came down to a few simple things.

What are those three ways to make more money blogging?

In the video below, I interview Michael Dunlop (who in my opinion is the wonder kid of making money with your blog) and he shares with me how he gets a ton of traffic to his site, how most bloggers miss one major piece with making money from their blog, and how you can easily add more value to your readers in a few minutes.

Scroll down to watch this video and hear what Michael has to say about building a better community around your blog and how to maximize your traffic and list once you build them both up.  Here are the three keys to making more money with your blog:

Create Great Content

We hear it all of the time that content is king and the more value you give the reader the more your audience will turn from reading one article to becoming part of the community on your blog.

Nothing else beats creating great content that speaks to your niche, so this is a must before you even think about monetizing your blog.

Build Your List

The money is in the list!

This all depends on what your long term goals are, however, the bigger your database and the larger your list is then you are setting yourself up for many options in the future.  You can send daily/weekly/monthly emails to that list, survey your audience, sell affiliate products that help your niche solve a problem, sell your own products to your list, and use that as leverage if you want to promote something or sell your assets in the future.

Michael went from 15 opt ins per day to now over 100 opt ins a day!  He did this with his latest product Popup Domination which I started using and seeing roughly the same amount of increase in subscribers per day.

Following Up

Michael has a great sales funnel and he offers interesting products to those on his list that he thinks they would want and could help with their own blog or business.

If you get individuals on your list but never follow up then it’s like having a pot of gold sitting underneath your bed then you never open up.  Get Your Gold and Follow Up! (more in the video).

The cool part about this is Michael is 21 years old.  He doesn’t really have the years of experience for a certain niche or passion the most bloggers do.  And with Popup Domination he went from 15 opt ins per day to now over 100 opt ins a day and increased his sales by roughly 304%!

It’s pretty cool how it works as a clean pop up box hovers over your site (check out images and results for it here)

Action and Value

When it comes down to it, you must provide value and take action if you want to see a profit from your passion.  If you are looking for a way to increase your list size so you can start turning traffic into more subscribers then make sure you pick up Popup Domination as I’ve just started using it and I’m seeing amazing results.

However, watch the video to learn how to follow up as this is the next most important thing.  Don’t just let that pot of gold accumulate under your bed as you work to hard with your passion to let it sit under there untouched.

What is your biggest blogging pain?  Is it getting more traffic, sales, or opt ins?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Just an update on this so far... I have over 1,250 opt ins since uploading popup domination to in the last 10 days... I'd say this product has helped me tremendously and I recommend everyone go get it if you have not already!

Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe
Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe

Popup Domination sounds like a great plugin.

Have you had any negative feedback regarding its use on your blog?

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Nice! Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

Al Boxall Gordon
Al Boxall Gordon

Great video Lewis. Well done you Michael, you have great ideas and I learnt lots from you. Loved the way the screen was split in half to see both of you talking Lewis. How did you do that? Oh and what do you mean Michael talks funny???? lol

Heather Allard
Heather Allard

My biggest challenge is...wait for it...ALL THREE. :D


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