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LinkedIn On 10TV: Your Keys to LinkedIn Success


I was recently featured on 10TV in Columbus Ohio and I have to say thanks to Andy Hirsch, Andrea Camburn, and Jerry Revisch for putting together a nice segment on this.  Make sure you follow them on Twitter and let them know your thoughts on the video above.  Also, be sure to tell them if you would like to see more segments on social media.

LinkedWorking is now available on Amazon so make sure you pick up a copy today.  Also, LinkedIn Success Week starts Monday March 2nd so make sure you check out the list of events and come join the party.

Was this helpful LinkedIn information?  If so, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and let me know if I missed out on some important topics.

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Hey Lewis! Not sure if you recognize me, tweeted you a few times and jumped onto your periscopes (@LiterallyAnika)  Also a fan of Gary Vee and Jordan from The Art Of Charm! Promise i'm not a crazy stalker haha. Just been inspired by what you have achieved!   I am dabbling with the idea of starting my own podcast as I really feel I have learnt and taken in SO much knowledge from yourself and many other podcasters that I want to be able to create something so that others can take and learn from what I create. Podcasts have been so much more informative than any other formal education I have taken ie. University (loved the social aspects of university though- GO BUCKS) but I feel that SO many people I speak to still don't understand how much you can learn by just listening to all these incredible interviews. 

I actually stumbled upon this page as I was trying to look for episode number 1 on the School Of Greatness. I have tuned into a lot of your most recent episodes but have not listened to any of the beginning ones. The earliest one I could find was episode 47. I kind of wanted to listen to those first ones to get a feel for how you have improved. Do you still have those up anywhere?

As John Maxwell says..the first time you do something isn't to do well its to learn! My first youtube video I thought was pretty good haha now I look back and realize it was terrible but I learnt a lot. I feel as though if i decide to start a podcast I will look back and think the same thing. Either way I think it would be interesting to hear yours. Do you look back and think similar things when you hear previous episodes? 

I was just wondering if there were any resources you recommend that would be useful if i were to begin the podcasters journey? i know your busy with your book launch so definitely dont' expect you to respond any time soon but I wanted to post this anyway and hope to hear back whenever that maybe! - Thanks for teaching me how to be Great!! 

On a side note- If I was in the USA i would have loved to come to the book launch. I was wondering if any of the ones sold online were signed? I would really like to purchase a signed one! If not no worries. I cannot wait to read it!


Hi Lewis, was looking for a podcast with some of your wonderful LinkedIn training for a mentee I'm helping through and couldn't get this one to play?