LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


This book is off the market now as it only scratches the surface for what my advanced online video training course.
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LinkedIn Training
  • Generate More Leads– LinkedIn has the highest average annual house hold income per user over the othe top social networking sites
  • Generate More Sales– Approximately 45% of LinkedIn users are Business Social Networking decision makers. Compare that to approximately 25% to Facebook and other social networking sites. Where should you be putting your effort?
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website– LinkedIn is always in the top 5 traffic driving referral sites (over Twitter even)
  • Find investors- There are over 200,000 results for “Investor” and “Venture Capital” so there are more than enough investors to connect with
  • Control Your Personal Brand– Your LinkedIn profile ranks very high on Google (usually top 5 spots). Make sure you control what others find online
  • Find Your Dream Job- A number of top jobs on the market are only posted on LinkedIn. Tap into these opportunities
  • Find Freelancing Gigs- Freelancers are overbooked with clients and leads from LinkedIn’s Q&A and Groups section. Time to maximize this!
  • Find The Right Employees- There are a number of “hungry” job seekers due to the economy. Find the right one for you by knowin what to look for
  • Build Your Database- Facebook caps your connections at 5,000 and it’s too hard to manage your Twitter followers. Neither site lets you export your connections where LinkedIn does. Your database is the most powerful asset for your business. Learn how to build, and manage this accordingly with LinkedIn Marketing.
  • Get free PR- Thousands of journalists, publishers, news anchors, and media professionals use LinkedIn for Marketing and you can easily connect with them by making the right introduction
  • Become a thought leader- Increase your thought leadership by ranking higher for your expertise with “Key Words”, answering the right questions, and building massive groups

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Master Strategies if for all levels of users on LinkedIn:

  • those who don’t have a LinkedIn profile but would like a head start on maximizing it
  • those who have a LinkedIn profile but haven’t logged in in months
  • those who use it daily but are not reaching all of their goals
  • those who are achieving success with LinkedIn Marketing, but who have yet to live the lifestyle they want

LinkedIn Marketing

Lewis Howes stands alone when it comes to using LinkedIn Marketing to connect with people, to build community, and to leverage LinkedIn for real business results. What Lewis teaches has personally resulted in my acquiring new contacts, new partnerships, and more importantly, new clients worth over $1,000,000 (and growing). Listen to Lewis. Read the book. Put it to work.” – S. Anthony Iannarino, B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy |

“Lewis is the man when it comes to Linkedin. His expertise of Linkedin has helped me to understand how to better leverage Linkedin both for my personal brand and for my corporate position. Lewis is knowledgeable, patient, and an expert on Linkedin. His training is not a gimmick to make money, but a value add to anyone’s social media endeavors. Anyone with a Linkedin consultancy need should reach out and contact Lewis today.” – Michael F. Vallez

“I have listened to webinars that Lewis Howes have conducted as well as subscribe to his newsletter. The knowledge that he has provided, to say the very least, is extremely invaluable. I have learned a lot from him. I admire the fact that he has the ability communicate to people in a simple and very effective manner.” – Jodi-Ann Walker

“Lewis Howes is a POWER HOUSE! Through his books, webinars, and networking events he has taught me how to fully use Linkedin as a networking tool. It’s a tool to be used beyond looking for a job – but to set yourself up as a credible and respected leader in your field. Since meeting Lewis, I’ve been able to use LinkedIn Marketing to be invited to participate in a webinar myself, to freely have conversations with Business Social Networking colleagues from other companies across the world to know how other industries are handling similar situations, and have been named Communications Lead for the Columbus AMA….all of this and more because of Lewis’s teachings. I highly recommend everyone to take time to see how Lewis can help you rise to the top – as he has!” –Karen Blackstone– Director of Customer Care at Longaberger



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