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I have been inspired by Chris Brogan’s Overnight Success Series on his blog ever since I watched the first video.  It makes me appreciate my journey to “success” as I grind and hustle every day to achieve my goals.

Check out my first video on my Journey To Success

Chris is a guy I follow, because he is someone who has reached the coveted “overnight success” goal in the online space that I play in.  Many others have achieved this overnight success as well, and each of them have taken a different path to get to where they are now.

I’m not anywhere close to Chris or some of the other over night successes out there, but I take my game to the next level every day, and I’m constantly breaking barriers, reaching new goals, and taking the necessary steps to become my own “overnight success”.

I decided to start my own series, inspired by Chris, to share with you what it is like for someone who is on his journey, and what it takes to stay on the right path to achieve whatever it is you are looking for (clue: it is NOT about the destination people).

I hope you enjoy my first video in this series, and please add your thoughts below to share with me a little more about your personal journey to overnight success.

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