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LinkedIn vs. Twitter: Which One Is Better?


twitter and linkedinLinkedIn is better than TwitterIsn’t it? In my mind LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business networking resources on the planet.  However, my good friend Sean Malarkey believes Twitter is more powerful.  Who is right and who is wrong?  It’s like saying which team is better in the Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry.  Both teams have great tradition and are two of the most successful college football teams of all time.  Luckily, Sean and I both agree that Ohio State is much better, and since they won 8 our out of the last 9 meetings with “the school up north”, there isn’t much to debate about which team is better (Go Bucks!).

Seeing that we could not come to an agreement as to which site is better (Twitter and LinkedIn), I thought I would duke it out with Sean to show you that LinkedIn is more powerful for your business.  Sean, being the competitive guy that he is, accepted my challenge.  Make sure you watch this brief video below to see how YOU will decide who is the winner.

Sean and I will be giving away our best content, and sharing with you how you can maximize some of the latest tools that both Twitter and LinkedIn have recently released.  Register Here for this content packed web show, take notes, and get ready to choose your winner in the Twitter vs. LinkedIn rivalry game!

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