How to Build Your Business Empire Using Social Media


I was recently interviewed by my good friend Bryan Elliott from Behind the Brand.

One of the frequent questions I receive is, “what is it you do, and how did you grow your business to the size it is in such a short time?”

Since I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve got the curse of not knowing how to answer the question easily.

However, in this interview I broke down what my businesses are, and how Sean and I took it from nothing two years ago, to a multi-million dollar business today.

Watch the interview above as I also share:

• How to grow an Internet business from $0 to millions
How to use LinkedIn.com to find new customers
• How to build and manage a list of passionate fans (that buy your products)
• How digital goods and products are changing the game
• My personal tips for success
• How to identify your personal strengths to be your very best
• How you can overcome adversity when you face obstacles

Make sure to say hi to Bryan on Twitter for putting this together and check out the full show here.


Is there anything I said that makes sense or confuses you?   Can you apply the things I’ve said in your own business or do you feel my ideas wouldn’t work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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