Thanks for wanting to say hi and reaching out!

The 6 Laws for Contacting Me Through My Site

Below are my Laws for messaging me here.

When you follow them, I’ll smile and hug a puppy because you just made my life that much easier 🙂

I or someone on my team will reply as soon as we can.

If you don’t follow them, I may not reply and you just stole a hug from the puppy (how could you!).

And yes, my team members and I DO read every single email that comes through 🙂

NOTE:  If you buy my book here and send me your receipt, I’ll gladly reply.  Go ahead and order it here now!

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Law 1 – Customer Support

If you’re looking for customer support for one of my training products or courses, the best (easiest) and fastest way reach out to our support team is here:

7 Figure Webinars, School of Greatness Academy, Profitable Online Courses – email  

For more information on my online trainings and programs, click the links above to learn more.

We are a team of lifestyle entrepreneurs and although we try our absolute best to respond to customer service requests within 24 hours, we do value time off on nights and weekends (so please keep that in mind). We will do our absolute best to take care of you as we want to make sure you are happy and taken care of 100%!

Law 2 – Feedback

If you’re a follower and supporter of the podcast and you’d love to share your inspiring story with me, please leave a review on iTunes HERE. I read every review and love and appreciate all of my supporters (like you)!

If you haven’t checked out my podcast, sign up for my weekly emails on my homepage to get my top 10 podcasts sent right to you.

Law 3

“Can you quickly do  _____ for me?”

I get so many “can I have 10 minutes to pick your brain” type requests that I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I went through and responded to them all. Thank you for being understanding!

I do my best to share my insight and the things I’ve learned on this blog and from the incredible guests I have on The School of Greatness Podcast (subscribe here if you haven’t yet).

Most of what I have done has been taught here or there, so please do your research first and make sure you aren’t asking something I’ve already answered.

Law 4


I only bring on a student every once in a while to support them in building and growing their business (and lifestyle) to the next level.  One of my most successful students was making $15,000 a month and within six months of my coaching started making $400,000 a month consistently.  I charge a premium for this, and with each student I bring on the price goes up because so do the results.  If you want me to coach you, it’s a premium. I only work with people I believe have what it takes, so you need to enroll me why you do.

If you want to be mentored/coached by me but you aren’t ready for that YET… then apply to my online coaching program that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their business and life to the next level with The School of Greatness Academy here.

Law 5

Media, Press, Interviews

All major media outlets, please reach out here and we will get back to you about moving forward ASAP. Thanks for your constant support.

I get so many interview requests for podcasts and blogs that are just starting out; I love your hustle and that you want to interview me, but again if I said yes to every request I’d just be doing interviews for podcasts all week long (yes, I get that many requests a day!). 

If you are requesting to be on The School of Greatness, I’m looking for inspiring leaders who are making a big impact on a large audience of people.  Look at the Olympians, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, scientists, and change makers I have on. If you or someone you know fits the bill of greatness on THAT level, then please message here and send me your pitch, as I’d love to learn more.

Law 6


Click here to learn more about the types of speaking engagements I do. When I do speak, I charge a premium for it. I value my time, and when I show up and deliver value to an audience I give my all to the audience, and make you look like a champion for bringing me in. If you are asking me to speak and you don’t have the premium to pay, then pitch it to me in such a way it brings more value to my business and life for me being there.

Keep your message VERY short and to the point.  I’ll ask for more if I want backstory with anything else.

Thanks for respecting my laws and looking forward to hearing from you.


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